Thursday, January 14, 2010

45th Annual Faculty Exhibition

The UF SA+AH faculty show was at the university's Harn Museum of Art this fall. I continued the White Tondo Series but in arrangements/installations. I had the pieces professionally photographed on site.

Artist Statement:

My new work comes from experiences in recent artist residencies and travel. On at trip to Jingedzhen, China, a visit to the “decal store” was a new experience, which opened up unique possibilities. I experimented with these Chinese decals while on residency at the International Ceramic Studio in Hungary. I also improved my mold making skills and learned to work with china paints and lusters there. I fell in love with the Herrend porcelain available for my use. Its whiteness offered me a pristine surface for decoration.

I use the decals in a collage-like fashion, cutting and “pasting” them to fit the areas and concept I am interested in. The shift from two-dimensional to three-dimensional as well as the negative and positive space becomes important and is critical to the composition. I started working with vintage decals and digital decals which a more accessible.

This work, although very different from my more typical earthenware work, continues my series of tondos, round wall platters with vessels as relief. Occasionally, I take the vessel forms off the tondo and place them in various installations. Ideas about relationships, with their similarities and differences, influence me as I group them.

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