Friday, March 25, 2011

Experiment in Laser Sintering

While in Limoge, France, I found this technology at the Royal Limoge Factory, used primarily on the bottom of work to fire on the factory name. The group then visited the Cerlase company to see where they make the laser for this purpose. I found out that the material used is distributed in the US by Ferro. I was able to order a sample and tested it at the UF Fab Lab.

I sprayed the material on to commercial porcelain tiles. I gave them an overnight to dry. Ferro has very detailed specs on the technique. I worked with Dan Tankersley, who put an Illustrator file together to run the test. The cutter fired the overglaze material on to the tile. After washing, the unfired overglaze is removed to reveal the fired overglaze. The advantage is the imagery you can develop through Illustrator and that you can eliminate the "third firing."
I have since ordered more colors from Ferro. Stay tuned for future tests.