Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ANU's Ceramics Program

One of the best parts of my residency at ANU is participating in the program. Thursday morning is an area meeting of faculty and students. Critiques follow for some of the students, while others work on the wheel and still others on glaze tech. I have been participating in the crits and have included some of the students with their work. I have been impressed not only with the work but the students’ ability to talk about it. Thursday at 2 we have a discussion on an article or chapter on theory. The theme has been related to skill and its importance in craft. Friday we have lectures or demo’s. I gave a demo on the tar paper slab technique last Friday. Greg Daley gave a lecture on his work, including new work related to his upcoming book on lusters. We had a curry pot luck a couple Friday’s ago, have a “barby” coming up next and then the week after pizza in the pizza ovens in the Ceramics courtyard. In between I enjoy getting to know the students and their work.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Residency at ANU

A busy week slip casting the molds I made with the 3D rapid prototype models. You can see some of the molds, the casts and the beginning of the assemblages I am making in the photos. I plan on getting things fired this coming week. I hope to have some fun outside the studio soon. In the meantime it has been great focusing on my work in such a great atmosphere. The next blog will be more about the program and Canberra. Stay tuned.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Australia National University, Canberra

I have been working in Canberra for over a week now. I am a Visiting Artist in Residence at Australia National University. Ceramics Area Head, Janet Deboos is a friend and traveling buddy from a couple of previous trips in China. She and her colleague, Greg Daley, have been exceptional hosts. I have been enjoying their students, which is an active and diversified group. I have lectured about my work, then on new technologies and I will be demonstrating my tarpaper technique next week. I will also lecture on my porcelain research through Europe as well.

I have a comfortable flat that is attached to the ceramics area so I basically roll out of bed and head to my studio. The School of Art is in a wonderful Art Deco building. Canberra is the national capital and has much to offer. It is a well-planned city and easy to get around.

I have been working on making molds of the 3D rapid prototypes I had printed at UF and brought with me. I will soon start slip casting. Keep checking this blog for new work. More to come!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Australia 2011 - First Stop Sydney

After 3 plane rides, the longest 15 hours, I arrived in Sydney. Australia. I was warmly welcomed by the Sydney University College of Art Ceramics faculty, Jan Guy, Head, and Dee Taylor Graham.

The College of Art is on their own campus, Kirkbridge, sandstone buildings set in a lovely park. Built in the late 1800’s the facility served as a mental institution until the 1960’s. The philosophy was that people with mental illness would feel better in beautiful setting. The buildings make for a great art school. The space is amazing.

I was put up in a small flat on campus. I gave a lecture and a demonstration while there. I took a bus ride to the waterfront, all too brief as it was getting dark and raining. I plan to take one of those ferries on my stop in Sydney on the way home. Jan and Dee took me to see another part of the bay the next night. Spectacular!

All in all, it was a wonderful visit and a great start to my Australian adventure.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Laser-sintering on Porcelain Canvas

Before leaving for Australia, I rushed to run a laser-sintering test on the new Porcelain Canvas sample with the help of my digital media gurus, Kenny Wilson and Zach Castedo-Rodgers. Thank you, Rachel Kingston for the samples.

I used Ferro’s Ceramark product for Ceramics and Glass. I have used the black and bronze on commercial porcelain tile with good results. This time I tried the green color. I have to say that the laser-sintering test is a failure – it should appear like china painted enamel on the surface. Instead, the laser cut into the surface of the sheet and stained the areas green. The good news is without the color, the effect would be like a lithophane.

I will plug away at this when I return next month from my residency at Australia National University. I need to follow up with Ferro on the setting for colors, as they seem to be dramatically different from the black as well as test the cutter without the material to see what it might bring regarding the change in translucency in the material. Please forgive the poor quality of the images - quick shots in the studio while packing! More on this….