Sunday, November 21, 2010

IAC Paris 2010

The International Academy of Ceramics Assembly was held in Paris this past September. We met at UNESCO, as we are an affiliate member. Major works of art were inside and out of this amazing building. The participants were welcomed by the Mayor's Cultural attache at City Hall, a spectacular baroque building. Once again a champagne toast! We had interesting panels, visited numerous shows and museums. There was a boat trip on the Seine to go to the Museum of Decorative Arts. We topped off the event with a dinner night cruise on the Seine. Spectacular! A few us of stayed on a couple days to visit more shows, like Bai Ming' s and to attend the antiquities fair at the Grande Palais.
Paris is so beautiful!

Sevres, Paris 2010

As a major part of the IAC meeting in Paris in September, we had our members' exhibition in the Sevres Museum. The installation left something to be desired but the work was excellent. Always great to see the diversity of the work from our colleagues around the world.
The Sevres Museum is right behind the museum. It is 80% supported by the French Government and so they can meet their mission of preserving their traditional techniques. They toured us and shared their technical knowledge in a very generous way.