Thursday, January 3, 2013

China 2012

In June of 2012, a group of artists from various backgrounds and countries came together to make work at The Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen.   This unique artist residency attracts serious artists to come and work in the setting of the Sculpture Factory in the city famous for its porcelain.  The residency enables the artist to utilize the resources of available local artisans and materials to be very productive. 

I had already been to China five times and visited Jingdezhen twice before going back in June to be an artist in residence.  I wanted to continue my work using 3D scanning and 3D rapid prototype printing to develop models for molds and porcelain slip casting.   While working at the Pottery Workshop, I had assistants available with technical knowledge as well as English speaking skills. I had molds made of the models I brought with me then slip castings done using the molds. I had available to me prepared glazes, a glazing expert as well as a community gas kiln to fire in.   I was able to be very productive, much more so than I would have in my studio at home.

One of the valuable aspects of such a residency is the opportunity to work along side other artists.  I was fortunate to be there at the same time as other artists from the US and Australia.   There was a lively exchange of ideas and technical information.   

I look forward to returning to The Pottery Workshop in the future.  I now have the knowledge and experience to best take advantage of what it has to offer me.  I will allow me to make work in a large numbers and grand scale with exceptional materials and craftsmanship.

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