Sunday, June 27, 2010

International Ceramics Studio - Kesckemet, Hungary

I have finally found a few minutes to start add to my blog - I am at the International Ceramics Studio in Kesckmet, Hungary working for 2 weeks with an incredible group of ceramic artists, brought together by Joe Bova. More on that as I go along. For now - a picture of the entrance to the room I share with Elaine Henry. We have to pass through Robert Harrison's arch to get there. It is above the museum here.
There is a picture of me next to my piece in their huge and amazing collection (almost 40 years of artists working here and all leave work) from the last time I worked here in 2004.
Janos Probst, Director, hosted a goulash feast for us with his homemade Palinka for the toast. The goulash is cooking over the fire in the traditional way.

I am hustling to make pieces - first I made about 10 molds from 3D rapid prototypes I had made ahead before coming. Now I am slip casting with Herend casting slip. We had a trip to the Herend factory and museum I will describe in another post. Amazing!

There is just a day or two more to make work and get it fired so I am back to the studio. Keep checking in for more! Vislat! Anna

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