Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Laser-sintering on Porcelain Canvas

Before leaving for Australia, I rushed to run a laser-sintering test on the new Porcelain Canvas sample with the help of my digital media gurus, Kenny Wilson and Zach Castedo-Rodgers. Thank you, Rachel Kingston for the samples.

I used Ferro’s Ceramark product for Ceramics and Glass. I have used the black and bronze on commercial porcelain tile with good results. This time I tried the green color. I have to say that the laser-sintering test is a failure – it should appear like china painted enamel on the surface. Instead, the laser cut into the surface of the sheet and stained the areas green. The good news is without the color, the effect would be like a lithophane.

I will plug away at this when I return next month from my residency at Australia National University. I need to follow up with Ferro on the setting for colors, as they seem to be dramatically different from the black as well as test the cutter without the material to see what it might bring regarding the change in translucency in the material. Please forgive the poor quality of the images - quick shots in the studio while packing! More on this….

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