Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ANU's Ceramics Program

One of the best parts of my residency at ANU is participating in the program. Thursday morning is an area meeting of faculty and students. Critiques follow for some of the students, while others work on the wheel and still others on glaze tech. I have been participating in the crits and have included some of the students with their work. I have been impressed not only with the work but the students’ ability to talk about it. Thursday at 2 we have a discussion on an article or chapter on theory. The theme has been related to skill and its importance in craft. Friday we have lectures or demo’s. I gave a demo on the tar paper slab technique last Friday. Greg Daley gave a lecture on his work, including new work related to his upcoming book on lusters. We had a curry pot luck a couple Friday’s ago, have a “barby” coming up next and then the week after pizza in the pizza ovens in the Ceramics courtyard. In between I enjoy getting to know the students and their work.

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