Sunday, May 22, 2011

Australia National University, Canberra

I have been working in Canberra for over a week now. I am a Visiting Artist in Residence at Australia National University. Ceramics Area Head, Janet Deboos is a friend and traveling buddy from a couple of previous trips in China. She and her colleague, Greg Daley, have been exceptional hosts. I have been enjoying their students, which is an active and diversified group. I have lectured about my work, then on new technologies and I will be demonstrating my tarpaper technique next week. I will also lecture on my porcelain research through Europe as well.

I have a comfortable flat that is attached to the ceramics area so I basically roll out of bed and head to my studio. The School of Art is in a wonderful Art Deco building. Canberra is the national capital and has much to offer. It is a well-planned city and easy to get around.

I have been working on making molds of the 3D rapid prototypes I had printed at UF and brought with me. I will soon start slip casting. Keep checking this blog for new work. More to come!

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  1. looks like you're having a great time. reading your blog is definitely getting me amped for seminar in the fall!