Friday, December 30, 2011

Adventure in India - Day 8 and 9 in Delhi

We flew in early evening from Varanasi. The agency put us up at the swanky Le Meridiane hotel in the city center. We met Ela and Prasnata Mukherjee from New Delhi for a drink that night. Ela was a Fulbrighter at KSU when I was there. It was a brief meeting but great catching up.

The next day, Dolly our guide returned and took us through the old markets on a rickshaw. We walked through the spice market, which was wonderful. We visited the tomb of Hasam, which is pre-cursor to the Taj Mahal. We visited the cremation memorial to Ghandi. We stopped at a small craft "village" where I saw some of the little clay production there is to find in India - tomb figures made with terra cotta clay. We had lunch in a garden restaurant and then were dropped by the colonial era Imperial Hotel to have tea with some time to kill before our flight.

On the trip back, while in Newark Airport, the sun was rising over the Hudson and Roy realized that the last sunrise we saw was over the Ganges Rivers…. not something we are likely to forget.

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