Friday, December 30, 2011

Adventure in India - Day 1 Delhi

Gainesville to Newark to Delhi – a long trip in 2 planes, we arrive in the evening welcomed by our tour representative. Roy and I are “the tour” so it seems strange but we are obviously going to be well taken care of. In the morning our driver, Vikrum returns with Dolly our guide. It is a quick half-day driving around the government buildings. Delhi has lots of parks and trees and boulevards. I keep sniffing for the smell I keep expecting and have been warned about.

The first site to visit was a temple – the Laxminarayan, a modern Hindu temple. We had to take our shoes and sox off and rinse our feet to go inside. I am touched by the religious fervor of this country. The Temple feeds hundreds of people every day regardless of need or circumstance. Vikrum then whisks us off to Jaipur. It is a long 5 + hour drive, bad roads and lots of traffic. Even worse traffic when we hit the city. He maneuvers effortlessly (it seems) between cars, trucks, motorcycles, 3 wheel rickshaws and an occasional elephant. We finally reach our heritage hotel. Dinner is on the rooftop and we strike up a conversation with a Swiss architect here for a rickshaw race of all things.

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