Sunday, July 4, 2010

Trip to the Herend Porcelain Factory

As part of the symposium we participated in two field trips. The first was a trip to the Herend Porcelain factory and museum. We had a private tour – this is a rarity I might add but the connections at the ICSHU opened this door to us.

First we were taken to the showroom, where only serious shoppers and wholesalers are brought in to see their entire line - others are relegated to the factory shop to buy. Then we were taken around the factory (managed to get one picture until they told us they were not allowed) to see all phases of their amazing production. I now know why they charge $300.00 – 500.00 for a cup and saucer – everything is handmade and decorated! No decals here.

The tour was given by one of their 3 major designers Tamas Akos. The factory was amazing - clean, people dressed in white uniforms talented people working with impressive equipment that made this production possible to make.

Afterwards, we had a run through the museum and topped the visit off with coffee and pastries served on Herend plates and cups at the café. We boarded our mini-bus to head to Lake Balaton for a meal at a restaurant overlooking the lake. We took a ferry across on our way home. All in all, a most informative and enjoyable time was had by all!

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