Sunday, July 4, 2010

My studio in Hungary

I had about a quarter of a large room to work in although I spent my first few days in the plaster rooms making about 8 molds of the 3D rapid prototyped models I have a fired example of one of the 35 objects I made with the molds. The pieces are not finished yet and I will be china painting, lustering and adding to the objects after I get home. The work was made in Herend porcelain, which I will write about, in the next post. It is amazingly beautiful fired in reduction to cone 12 – a cold white.

I was able to see the work I made in 2005 while at the ICSHU which is in the collection spread out in attics and basements throughout the compound. Some of that work and the work of Joe Bova and Marc Leuthold, both had also been there prior, are on exhibit at the ICHSU’s museum. It was very exciting to go back and see the work again, especially on exhibit at their elegant museum.

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